Many restaurants are using QR codes to reduce customer contact points as they prepare to reopen. With the rise of smartphones over the past decade, smart QR codes have gained popularity. These matrix-type barcodes originated in Japan in 1994. Your phone can be programmed to open a webpage containing the menu of your restaurant when a QR code is scanned by its camera. You can easily generate them and set them to perform countless other actions, such as redirecting to your social media pages, tagging your restaurant in a post, opening a digital comment card, and more. You must then answer the next big question once you have your smart QR code. What is the best way to present it to your customers so they can scan it easily? 1. Menus Why do you need a physical menu when you already have a QR code? Couldn’t you just use a QR code instead? In reality, not all customers will know how to scan a QR code with their smartphone, so relying on them as the only method of accessing your menu is more likely to cause problems than it will solve. A QR code on the front page of your menu allows customers to browse your menu in the way that suits them best. They can choose to flip through it, or if they want to avoid all contact, they can scroll through it on their phone. Make sure the smart QR code is big and visible so customers see it before automatically picking up the menu.  2. Posters You can use posters to display your QR codes all around your restaurant at a low cost. In addition to being placed indoors for dine-in customers, they can also be placed in windows facing outward for patio customers or passersby. Be sure to print the QR codes large enough so that they stand out from a distance. 3. Flyers Flyers are similar to posters, but they are cheaper and disposable, so you can use them to advertise your QR code outside your store. The same effect can be achieved by slapping a large QR code on your entire menu rather than printing it on a flyer, which may require a tiny font size or multiple pages. It also leaves plenty of room for other information like new hours, social tags, changing dine-in policies, etc.

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4. Table Tents Using free-standing table tents, you can put the QR code right in front of your customers without being intrusive. When taking a picture of the QR code, be sure to include a warning about not picking up and handling the table tent. Otherwise, you defeat the entire purpose of touchless menus. 5. Tabletop Inserts Similar to table tents, you can place these right in front of your customers for easy scanning. They need a stand to be attached to, but this offers two advantages: they are easier to wipe down and clean than a table tent, and they have no danger of blowing away if you place them outside. 6. Sandwich Boards Sandwich boards are the perfect promotional tool for the current climate, because they don’t require customers entering your restaurant. If you place your QR code on a sandwich board and set it up on the sidewalk outside your restaurant, customers can access your menu and make an informed decision about whether or not to enter your restaurant. They also work well for restaurants with outdoor seating, or you can place it in high traffic areas within your dining room. 7. Business Cards Including QR codes on your business card can add a new dimension to your networking, and cut out an extra step for potential customers. Rather than put the onus on them to find your website and menu, they can simply scan your QR code and be brought it to instantly. It provides quick access to your menu and encourages later engagement actions, so your business isn’t forgotten the second you hand over your card. 8. Loyalty Cards As with business cards, loyalty cards offer the opportunity to send customers home with a QR code. Distributing them to potential customers allows them to quickly review your menu, and encourages them to make your business a part of their weekly routine. When you distribute loyalty cards at the register, consider linking the QR code to some part of your marketing rather than your menu, since your customers will theoretically already be familiar with it. Create smart QR code vision for your restaurant today and make it stand out. To start our trial: Click Here