A shift is occurring in the retail landscape, as online channels are now striving to provide an experience that rivals being in-store, while physical stores are seeking to be as seamless and frictionless as their online counterparts. For your business to excel both online and offline, you must be in the business of blended retail, amplifying the customer experience through every channel and delivering a competitive edge by combining them. Which online lessons can be applied to enhance the in-store experience?

Online, we have access to a wealth of knowledge, information, and reviews at our fingertips to help us make well-informed purchases. Would it be possible to provide the same experience in-store without having to get our phones out of our pockets? 

An ideal solution for transforming the in-store experience is lift and learn technology, which provides critical product information and context – typically missing from the in-store experience. Basically, the lift and learn experience does what it says on the tin – it combines input sensors with output devices that are intricately connected, creating an experience that engages passing customers through animated content, encouraging them to lift a product from its shelf and learn more about it. 

A nearby monitor is triggered to display product-related content depending on the type of technology integrated into the display – technology that can range from infrared, to RFID tags, or computer vision. Following the activation of product-related content, the customer is then educated on what they have picked up – be it price, product benefits, customer reviews, or campaign-related content, such as promotional ambassador videos. Thus, this additional layer of information allows the customer to understand which product is best suited to their needs, ultimately assisting their decision-making process and enhancing their shopping experience.

As a result of the digital nature of the experience, brands and retailers can also analyze and track the performance and effectiveness of campaigns and products, as well as test the appetite for new products.

The beauty of lift and learn technology is that it helps to create highly personalised, relevant experiences that adds true value to the customer, ultimately driving product sales and encouraging repeat purchases. In the sports industry, where products are often scientifically crafted with new technologies and innovations, extra information is required to help educate customers on such technical benefits. For runners who require a specific type of shoe based on their needs and foot type, lift and learn technology when combined with 360 foot-scanning and gait analysis, for example, can create the ultimate in hyper-personalised product experience.

The Lift and Learn solution combines innovative solutions with custom integration, sensors, RFID/NFC tags, digital signage software, and hardware. looking for this solution? Mydia can build Lift-and-Learn Display Sensor Technologies

The future of retail is undeniably digital. This is an incredibly immersive experience. Data drives everything about it. However, as with any technology integrated in-store, its sole purpose should always be to enhance the customer’s life, with a real understanding of what it means to be human.

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