Innovative technology, sensors, RFID tags, digital signage software, and hardware are all integrated into the Lift and Learn solution. Shoppers are engaged at the point of sale by Lift & Learn solution, which encourages them to lift products from shelves to explore them further, resulting in better buying decisions. Advertisements and promotions can be run whenever no products are lifted, just as you can with any other digital screen. The customer’s selection of a product, however, prompts content related to that product only. You can place up to 7 products and 1 motion detection with our Lift & Learn solution.
  • When no product is lifted, the screen displays different advertisements such as store promotions or other interesting content.
  • When the customer lifts up a product, the screen displays content that is related only to the product being lifted. It could be one image, a sequence of images, or a video.

The Lift and Learn solution combines innovative solutions with custom integration, sensors, RFID/NFC tags, digital signage software, and hardware. looking for this solution? Mydia can build Lift-and-Learn Display Sensor Technologies

Benefits & Features

  • Increase sales by influencing point-of-sale decisions.
  • Promote your products in the Lift & Learn experience to generate more sponsorship/advertising fees from suppliers.
  • Delivers consistent messaging across all outlets.
  • Assistive selling tool. Help customers with the decision making process.
  • Educational aid. Engage customers to explore product features further with visual cues.
  • Trigger any content including videos, images, web pages, and interactive content.
  • Analytics help marketers and advertisers assess product sellability or campaign effectiveness.
  • Fully customizable to fit any product where shoppers compare features
Did You Know?
  • Retailers and brands can save up to 70% of expenses compared to hiring dedicated promoters. 
  • Click’s Lift & Learn Solution supports Place & Learn and triggers LED lights.