Readers of our blog should already be very familiar with digital signage. Given the wealth of benefits that are available, the question shouldn’t be why, but why not? However, it is what it is. Digital signage is still a relatively young technology. We used to hang paper signs on the wall and think that was the end of it not that long ago.

As a result, we’ll explore how digital signage can specifically benefit retail and how you can easily demonstrate (and sell) the advantages of using them.

Drive Traffic in
Digital signage for retail has the ability to drive people into your store as one of its major benefits. At first, only the occasional Hollister employed digital window displays. Today, nearly everyone uses them. The screen-obsessed world has helped a lot. It’s natural to look at screens, and we’re attracted to them. A digital sign drew customers into a store. That’s a large number of shoppers who may otherwise have walked right past. Digital signage is one of the fastest growing areas, so get started early to beat the competition.

Encourage more purchases
You can find a variety of items right next to almost any bank of tills. In grocery stores, it’s candy and gum. Socks, hair ties, and umbrellas are common low-ticket items in clothing stores. Most of these purchases are impulse buys, a “sure, I’ll buy one” moment at the cash register.

Research shows that providing relevant information close to the point of purchase can also increase purchasing decisions. In this case, digital screens throughout your store would be a great idea.

An informational screen next to your sweater, showing everything you need to know about its origins, ethical sourcing, how it feels to wear, and so on, might mean the difference between one purchase and two.

Repurpose social media content
Social media is a powerful way to entice and influence shoppers in retail. However, it isn’t always easy. It can be challenging to create effective social media content, promote it, and get people to “like” it. Social media content can be repurposed for digital signage and displayed without other distractions. 

Entertaining the public
According to a study by Urban Land Institute, 50% of millennial men and 70% of millennial women consider shopping a form of entertainment and something to share with friends and family. There is no doubt that digital signs are a form of entertainment where you can share everything from social media to news, videos, and dashboards. Your brand can be extended throughout the store as part of the retailtainment trend.

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You don’t have to be bored with digital signage either. Take advantage of real-time marketing trends, celebrate retail launches, have fun with customers, and more. You can experiment with new ways to entertain your customers when adding content is easy.

Gain more sales
You can use digital signs to inform your customers where to go and what to do. As a result, customers feel more confident about their shopping decisions; after all, the screen told them to. Signage used in retail can direct customers to specific products, upsell items, provide directions to toilets or help points, and provide emergency information. It reduces staff costs while putting consumers in charge.

Improve internal communications
Additionally, you can use digital signage to improve internal communications with your staff. How many of your employees actually read a new health and safety manual? Yes, they sign the paper, but the important information that will keep them (and others) safe is often overlooked. 

You can easily display this information on digital screens in key areas such as employee break rooms, staff areas, store rooms, etc. As a result, employees have multiple reference points and can absorb ambient content in a more relaxed setting. Having to watch a quick video on a digital screen is more approachable than reading a printed leaflet or sending a shouty email.

Digital signage also keeps your staff from being confronted with outdated signs and notices pinned to the staff board. When they know that they’re only served relevant, timely information, they become much more receptive to it.

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