Video analytics can be an extremely powerful tool for understanding user behavior and engagement with video content. The solutions we offer in this area can help leverage the data from video analytics to give brands useful insights to their in-store customer behavior.

Customer Demographics

Video analytics can be a great tool to gain insight into customer demographics. By tracking the number of visitors, their demographics and other engagement metrics, you can gain a better understanding of who is engaging with your products in-store. This information can be used to create customer personas, segment your audience, and tailor your in store experience accordingly.

Emotions / Moods / Expressions of Customers

There are several different approaches to using video analytics to understand customer emotions and expressions. One approach is to use facial recognition software to detect and track changes in facial expressions. This can be used to identify emotions such as happiness, surprise, and anger. Another approach is to use natural language processing technology to analyze conversations and identify sentiment, as well as other aspects of customer behavior such as engagement, frustration, and trust.

Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

Heat Maps

Heat maps are a powerful tool to visualize how customers are engaging with your products in the store and which part of a store customers are visiting the most. This helps identify which parts of the store are more appealing, as well as which sections viewers may have skipped over. Utilizing heat maps can help make data-driven decisions when setting out the visual merchandising plan for a store.

Dwell – Times of Customers

These tools provide data on how long customers spend in particular areas of a store. This helps brands to better understand customer engagement.

Hygiene Checks

Video analytics can be a powerful tool to help ensure proper hygiene and safety protocols are being followed. With video analytics, brands can monitor areas for people not following the rules, check for human traffic patterns, and track any potential issues.

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Customer Footfall

Video analytics solutions use advanced computer vision techniques to detect and track customer movement in real-time. We provide detailed insights into customer behavior, such as how long they stay in a particular area, what products they look at, and how many customers enter the store.

Conversion Rates

Conversion rates refer to how many people buy products after entering a store. It’s important to track this metric because it helps identify the sales to footfall conversion. To calculate conversion rates, divide the total number of people who bought products in a store by the total number of people visiting a store. 

Overall, intelligent video analytics solutions can help businesses and organizations make better decisions, improve safety and security, and enhance customer experiences.