You can boost sales by engaging your customers with overhead music in your store with music that’s undeniably powerful. Although customers can overlook imagery, they can’t help but be affected by audio – you can close your eyes, but you can’t turn off your ears. An audio ad is much more powerful than an image ad because it can’t be avoided.

The Benefits of Overhead Music

  1. Clients stay in the store longer: Music fills the void and creates a more comfortable shopping environment. It fills the empty space in your store and keeps customers shopping longer.

  2. Affects shopping speed: Play fast music when you want your customers to shop fast, and slow music when you want them to shop slowly. When choosing music, keep in mind how fast you want them to shop. 

  3. Shoppers like it: Plain and simple – people prefer to hear music.

  4. Emphasize your brand: It’s very likely that you know how your brand looks, but are you aware of how it sounds? Audio branding can be achieved in many ways, including music.

  5. Time perceived as waiting is shorter Just like silence on hold makes telephone wait time seem longer, silence in your store can make waiting in line appear to last forever. 

  6. Filter target customers: A store that plays excessively loud music at the mall is likely to make you think one of two things: “Wow! This store is cool! I can’t wait to shop here!” or “That’s horrible! I can’t imagine being in that store.” Music here plays a filtering function on potential customers. Those who dislike the music are probably not the Brand’s target market. If they did enter the store, they would probably not spend much money.

 How to Approach Overhead Music For Your Store

Creating a branded in-store radio system is an effective way to incorporate overhead music into your store. Your station can include your brand’s audio logo, overhead announcements and background music for a natural-sounding radio station for promoting your business.

Having control over background music is an important aspect of having it in a store. Many of the music options require you to use premade playlists… and only premade playlists. This can be a quick solution, but often the wrong solution for many stores. Instead, look for an overhead music solution that allows you to control what is played, when it plays, and how often. 

Overhead music can help energize your employees, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

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